Name 10 things "special" on this Slant Six engine block:Quiz Answers sm

Block Quiz Answers: (use the Back & Forward button to toggle to each screen)

  1. I cheated, you could not see that the pistons stick out of the block .200!
  2. Specially machined "D-cup" dished pistons for quench areas.
  3. Thick rib RGFC block with thick lifter galley edge.
  4. Extra driver’s side ribs (see the top of the rear rib?)
  5. Rear oil galley boss is drilled & tapped.
  6. A second oil galley access hole as been added. (near pump mount)
  7. Extra lifter galley oil return holes added & tapped
  8. Lifter galley oil return hole "stand-offs" added.
  9. Top deck casting vent holes tapped & plugged. (front one not shown)
  10. Block to head (rocker shaft oil passage) hole enlarged.