Block Prep. Steps - Summary

First inspection: Select the "best" block, - Remove all plugs and bolts.

Hot Tank Clean: Remove cam bearing & scrap-out, pull out casting "crud" & corewires.

Second Inspection: Inspect, weigh, measure magnaflux, sonic check.

Do all Drilling, Tapping & Deburring Work: Oil passageways, extra access holes, lifter bore & galley work, tap for "standoffs", (optional). Hone out lifter bores & freeze plug holes. Tap top deck holes. Deburr water pump entry area.

Retap all threaded holes (to clean & check).

Deburr / lighten the block overall. (Cut off extra casting "lumps" & grind smooth parting lines.)

Acid etch clean or "power wash" to complete.

Add block filler (optional) at this point.

Complete block machining activities.

Final clean & inspect. I paint the block now (a quick first coat) to make assy. oil cleanup easier.

Start the engine assembly with cam bearing installation. Install the rear cam and galley plug before mounting to stand.