Several special car packages have been produced using the slant six as the base engine. The following information is an outline of what these packages consisted of.

A. 1960 Hyper Pak 170

The Hyper Pak was the highest output per cubic inch slant six ever produced - It had a long duration, high lift camshaft and special valve springs, high compression pistons, four barrel carb and special intake manifold. This makes for an excellent racing package.

Mopar Hyper Pack Major Components:

2205620		Assy - Camshaft
1944554		Assy - Valve Spring & Damper
2129619		Assy - Valve Push Rod
2129898		Manifold - Intake
2129899		Manifold - Exhaust - Front
2129900		Manifold - Exhaust - Rear
2129881		Assy - Carburetor
2121952		Gasket - Carburetor Flange
2129992		Assy - Air Cleaner
1821170		Gasket - Air Cleaner
2201223		Assy - Clutch Cover & Pressure Plate
2201219		Assy - Clutch Driving Disc
1636570		Gasket - Exhaust Pipe Flange
2298350		Assy - Muffler & Exhaust Pipe

NOTE These part numbers are given for reference only: The actual parts are no longer available!

B. 1975-76 Feather Duster and Dart Light 225

This package was specially designed for fuel economy. The engine part of the package consist mainly of an aluminum intake manifold and low restriction exhaust system based around a larger diameter header pipe.

The body part of the package featured lightweight aluminum panels. The chassis also had special items such as a four speed overdrive transmission.

C. 1977 Super Six

The super six is the latest package on the slant six. It consists of a two barrel carb and special aluminum two barrel intake manifold.

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