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Universal gas tank for a D150
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Author:  enrique lopez [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:26 am ]
Post subject:  Universal gas tank for a D150

Hi slanters,
I have a 1982 D150 that needs for me to replace the gas tank. All junk yards punch a giant hole into them.
My truck has the four foot gas tank, I got a hold on one of the five foot ones...

I sadly found out that the mounting straps are different. Even sadder, the person removing the tank destroyed the the straps in the process.

So, I am currently looking for the bigger straps.

My question,,
If i have to go to a "universal gas tank" which one would be the best option?
I think the ones that go under the truck, behind the axle would be a better choice.. But which one? I see so many options on line.

Author:  and739 [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 1:47 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universal gas tank for a D150

PM sent.

Author:  DadTruck [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universal gas tank for a D150

Originally the 1983 D150 had the standard sized guessing here 16 gallon fuel tank.
I found a large 26 gallon tank from a 1990 D150 at a mom and pop salvage yard, they did not punch a hole in the fuel tank like the big salvage yards do.

for straps I got new ones from RockAuto ... 66&jsn=950

I did need to modify the OE front L bracket, flatten out the bottom and arrange an additional support up to cab floor to hold the weight of the additional 10 gallons of fuel.

If you go with a more modern fuel tank, after the slant was discontinued in 1987 a V6 option was added, somewhere in that time frame Chrysler also changed over to throttle body FI.
So the newer tanks also have an in tank electric fuel pump, another change that was made in that time frame is the dash gauges went from 5v to 12v. So the fuel level sender also changes.

Author:  hank2 [ Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:43 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Universal gas tank for a D150

The '82 D150 had a 20 gal. tank standard and an optional 30 gal ( more or less 5 ft. long). Somewhere along the line a 36 gal. appeared as well. I've also needed a rear strap for a 30 gal. as mine is badly rusted. Seems you can get all the straps you want for '88 to '93. Dodge seemed to have many different parts no.'s for straps depending on wheelbase, tank size and frame ( 6 in. or 7 in.). You can still get the front strap only for an '84 30 gal. tank, 6 in. long bed frame from $$$ Mopar, but not the rear strap. Not so sure that the '84 strap would work on an '82.,000012WV,3

This ebay vendor currently has straps that are supposedly for a '78 to '82, which I haven't seem offered anywhere. In fact they're not listed on the company's home webpage. I had ebay messaged vendor and asked if they were designed for 20 or 30 gal tanks, etc. Never got a response in a couple of weeks. I went ahead and ordered them, but I'll bet that they're for the common 20 gal. tank. I have too many other project items to try to bend them up for some time, but I can get measurements on the repro straps if it's any help. If they aren't for a small frame short bed 30 gal. tank I'll be offering them up.

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