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BRPV Sticking in 3rd Gear?
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Author:  mopar225 [ Sun Jul 23, 2017 8:05 am ]
Post subject:  BRPV Sticking in 3rd Gear?

Hey, I've been actively tuning my car this summer and I seem to have run into the issue of running lean in 3rd gear.

Here is my setup.
I have the PV referenced from the exhaust side, tapped into the manifold, with a 1/8" line to the carb. with a 6.5 spring I THINK...

Boost is 5psi at the manifold and 7-10 at the hat (based off my fuel pressure as its referenced from there to my regulator)

When in 1st and 2nd it pulls hard and i get around 9 or 10:1 AFR but when 3rd hits its at 13-14AFR and pings so i back out, BUT only sometimes will it stay at 9-10:1 in 3rd and it pulls HARD!

SO my thinking is that its sticking or that the pressure is not as high in 3rd?? Should I run maybe a larger line?

Anyone else run into this issue? Its weird that its ALWAYS 3rd gear and never 1st or 2nd.

Author:  mopar225 [ Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:43 am ]
Post subject: 

Think I found the answer, at least its working now.

oddly, but most likely not oddly... Timing.

I dialed in my initial timing better, as I was having issues with it misfiring before... ended up being the pertronix.
The pickup was touching the plastic piece that has the magnets.

Solved the misfire, and then getting timing right, she pulls hard through all gears and AFR is the same in all gears.

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