Richmond 2002 Picture Gallery

Thanks to Tom Drake for the
Here are the cars going into
It is nice to see Gordie racing
Rodney Hargis was also "on"
photos & dad's nice burnout.
the semifinals, usual suspects.
He ran "spot-on" into the final
and edged-out Gordie to win.

Rodney gets a break from
No big deal, Ron had the
Rodney ran some 12.75s. He
Ron hits the "spray" for this
Ron as the red light shows.
championship already won.
has 2nd place points "nailed".
11.45 pass, 1.4 sec. faster!

Lou Madsen brought his 64
This SL6 goes good, Lou
Now the car has a 5-speed,
Ron gets help form Kay,
Dart, road racing anyone?
keeps working on the combo
Hey, isn't that a 65 speedo??
Gordie looks over the set-up.

Rodney in the final against
Rodney gets the win light but
These two make a great team
Their 66 Dart sure runs good
Gordie, can he catch him?
look how close it came!
This was Ron and Kay's year
They tried-out a NOS system

Ron Hamby wins 2002 series
Ron accepts the trophy from
Thanks to Lou for the Race
Seymour is always "running"...
This is Ron's 2nd SSRN win.
last year's winner Gordie S.
Reporting and to Seymour...
1200 miles to Richmond, VA