Slant Six Stud and Con. Rod Bolt Information

By Doug Dutra and ARP

ARP Slant Six HardwareAlm. Block Stud MeasurmentsI worked with ARP a few years back in order to develop a source for SL6 engine builders to get high quality bolts and studs.

Here is some general information and background on the fasteners needed for the cast iron and Aluminum Block Slant Six.



ARP Order Info.Note that the SL6 main studs are the same as the Mopar Big Blocks, the con. rod bolts are the same as the Pontiac 455 if I remember it right. Bottom line is that we were able to "cross" all the SL6 Hardware notescast iron SL6 fasteners over to other listings ARP was already stocking, everything except the Alm. Block SL6 hardware, that stuff has to be special ordered.

I will let photos, pages and letters describe the rest. (Click on any image for a bigger view)

Go to the Alm. Block link for more photos and info on the special custom made studs for this engine. - DD



ARP Install Info.


Cast Iron Slant Six - ARP Order Numbers :

Con. Rod Bolts & Nuts

142 - 6001 (full head coverage, more work ro install)

142 - 6002 (less head coverage, less work to install)


Head Studs : 142 - 4001

Main Studs : 142-5401


Con. Rod bolt kit works on all SL6 Connecting Rods

For Alm. Block Head & Main Studs, Contact ARP
( Special Order, 6-8 weeks)

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