How to Build High Performance Chrysler Engines by Frank AdkinsS-A Design, Chrysler Engines

A new "how to" book on Chrysler Engines has just been released by S-A Designs.

Written by Frank Adkins, this book has an entire chapter (12 pages) on the Slant Six engine. The Slant Six section goes over many of the parts available and engine buildup / performance tips. Frank has done an excellent job collecting accurate information and photos showing many key SL6 parts and other items to know about.

The 13 chapter book covers all the major Chryslers engines of the 60s and also covers topics such as crankshafts, cams, & valve gear, oiling systems, stroking combos and more. (The 198 "long rod" SL6 combo. is covered!)

Thanks goes to Frank Adkins for his hard work and accuracy of the Slant Six information presented. Special thanks to S-A Designs for allowing to post the Slant Six chapter in our article library.

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