You can contact Chuck Rivers or Doug Dutra by using the Private Message function on the Forum. Use the Memberlist button and click on the PM icon next to the name. Due to the incredible number of spammers that send mail to the address that was posted on the main page, I have removed it. You will have to be a member to use the Private Message function.

Make a donation for the support of this board with PayPal. At the top of the page, hover over 'Transfer' and select 'Send Someone Money'. Fill in the e-mail addresses (To: address is sl6 at, the amount and the dollar type, then click on 'Continue'. On the next page, make sure the amount is filled in. (When I tested it, the amount was blank.) Under 'My payment is for', select 'Friends and Family'. There is no PayPal fee if you pay from a PayPal balance or bank account. The fee is 33 cents if using a credit card. When you click 'Continue', you may have to fill in the e-mail addresses again. (I don't know why). I was not able to test this further without another PayPal account. Please e-mail me if corrections are needed for this process. PayPal changed the way it works and now seems much more complicated.

or you can mail donations to:

Chuck Rivers
10508 Wolf Drive
Grass Valley, Ca 95949