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Cable rubbing noise when backing up while applying brakes
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Author:  wjajr [ Sat Feb 22, 2020 12:08 pm ]
Post subject:  Cable rubbing noise when backing up while applying brakes

Last summer I converted to four wheel disk brakes, all brake parts of which needed were sourced from Dr. Diff. Its mostly what Chrysler used on mid to late B & C bodies excepting the rear calipers which were sourced from late 90' early 2000's Ford Mustang Cobra.

After getting the conversion buttoned up, and several hundred miles on them, one day I backed up rather fast, hit the brakes hard and heard a rubbing sound. Didn't think much about it until this month when under the car reinstalling exhaust to headers, drive shaft to axle, and had to do a little pipe/muffler clearance adjustment where E brake cables from rear wheels go from two to one cable near front end of rear spring. There was my noise generator, driver's side short E brake cable was contacting tire even though it had been wire tied back to spring perch.

Additional ties were arraigned such to better keep things in place. This should solve the rubbing cable noise problem. I have a wider than stock tire back there; P235/60R15 mounted on Rallye wheels.

Love the new brakes.

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