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SBP Rotors / Conversion
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Author:  Rodrju [ Sat Jan 15, 2022 7:52 pm ]
Post subject:  SBP Rotors / Conversion

Thoughts on this Disc Brake Conversion Idea:

Car is a stock 1968 Barracuda with manual drums and a 7.25 SBP- 14 stock wheels
While I have a LBP 7.25 to swap, I would prefer NOT to rip apart the rear--its rust free and perfect.

Came across this...

Brake Rotor
MDM Brakes.
This is obviously not an OE replacement rotor that can be bought at normal parts store.
This seems to be a 5x4 rotor NOT for the early 2 piston setup.
MBM markets the conversion spindles they sell as exact Mopar replicas---so my thoughts/hope are these would work with OE Mopar spindles. Calls for the same A2/A17 wheel bearings

Upper Control Arm:
This uses the later style Large Ball joint

Stock Mopar Disc Brake Spindle from a 74 Duster (Large Ball Joint)

I would then use the K781/K783 Standard Large Ball Join---Calipers, Pads, Dust Shields, Caliper Brackets would all be Mopar OE
Master Cylinder is a question as well. Could I use the 73 manual disc/drum unit or thought on a power setup?
Prop valve...? I assume I would need the disc/drum prop valve?

Any thoughts on this?

If that rotor works, it would seem to yield the 73--Later style 5x4 disc setup that Mopar never made.
Keeping in mind that you have a non-stock rotor

Would it be advisable/necessary to switch to the 73-later Tie Rods as well?

Or this this just nonsense—should I swap out the LBP 7.25 that is in my garage and be done...?



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