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Search Tips for Old Messages
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Author:  Chuck [ Thu Oct 31, 2002 11:20 pm ]
Post subject:  Search Tips for Old Messages

When you pull up the search screen, there are two fields that you can type in. The first (Search for Keywords) is for searching through the text of messages. The second (Search for Author) is for finding posts by a particular author. The two can be combined so that you can search for particular words only in posts by a particular author.

Having said that, you cannot find posts by a particular author that are from the old message board using Search for Author. This has to do with the differences in the two software packages. However, the ever vigilant Max has set it up so that you can put the author's name in the "Search for Keywords" text box to find these posts. For example:

"Doc duals" should find the posts from the old board that were made by the Doc and mention "duals".

Be sure to read the info about AND, OR and NOT under the Search for Keywords section.

More examples:

"cam not button" finds all posts with the word "cam" in them but not if the message also contains the word "button".

"cam and button" or "cam button" finds only post that contain both the words "cam" and "button".

The default search uses AND, so searching for "cam button" is the same as "cam and button".

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