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Adding photos, changing display size, making links
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Author:  Chuck [ Sun Nov 10, 2002 4:13 pm ]
Post subject:  Adding photos, changing display size, making links

To add an image to a message, the image must be uploaded onto the Internet in your own personal webspace, wherever that might be. If you are not sure, check with your Internet provider to find out how to access your webspace. When you upload an image to your webspace, it will have its own URL.

To post an image, just copy its URL then use the "img" button in the message posting screen. Hit the img button, paste-in the URL, then hit the img button again and you are done.

As of May 2006, if you post a photo that is over 500 pixels wide, the image will be downsized and the displayed image will be a clickable link to the larger original image.


Want to link text to a pic? Do this:

[url=]Drake Burnout[/url]

and get this clickable link:

Drake Burnout

It is a good idea to use some kind of photo editor to "compress" your
photos so that they display faster. Make sure to set the resolution of the photo to 72 x 72 pixels per inch (or dots per inch, or PPI). It is best to post images that are in .jpg or .gif format. If your photo editor gives you the option to create a "progressive", "progressive-scan", or "interlaced" image, use that option.

NOTE: Make sure you don't have "Disable HTML in this post" checked below your message.

Please do your best to keep images to a maximum of 30kb in size and 400 pixels in width! The Webmaster or moderators may delete very large pictures as they use a lot of bandwidth and make for very slow downloads.

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