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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2023 7:31 pm 
4 BBL ''Hyper-Pak''
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Car Model:
1976 Dodge D100 2WD 231cid Blow-Thru turbo Price: 12,500
Location: Rochester, New York


Canyon Red Sunfire - Top
White - Bottom

First and foremost, this is NOT a show truck. Haha There is rust around the rain ditch (as most have) but, otherwise the body is quite nice. Not perfect, but pleasing on the eyes. It's fully epoxy primed, and basecoat/clearcoated. Frame was ground and magnet coated. New body mounts. New stripping. Body lines are gappy.

It's a Headturner, no matter which way you slice it. That's the truth. Throw your favorite rims on it. Never look back.


It is a FUN truck. A tinkerer's dream, or nightmare depending on your garage/engineering prowess. Be warned. This is a hell of a project. I'm sure for the pros it's a drop in the hat, but man have I learned a lot. And it was a process I will never regret.

I purchased this vehicle in Texas 7 years ago, and with the help of the experts on this forum, built it to what it is today. The truck has been a fun experiment over the years. It is currently running, has had its newly rebuilt engine broken in (per procedure), and drives. It is at the fuel delivery tuning phase, where the carb has to be tuned to set to it to a safe AFR throughout the range.

Last time I had it tuned and fully operable, it was pushing 5lbs of boost, on a stock junkyard slant 6. That motor failed, and it now it has a new lease on life. Fully rebuilt engine/transmission, brand new turbo, and many upgrades.

With the right owner, I see no reason why this couldn't be one of the coolest slants around.

Here is a full systems overview:

1971 Slant - bored +.045 to 231 CID

-Forged wiseco pistons dished +6cc (Wiseco PTS536A45)
-K1 Technologies Slant Six 6 Connecting Rod Set - Forged
-Factory Forged Crank (balanced)
-0.120" copper head gasket sealed with Hylomar. Currently no O-rings, but no leaks.
-Compression ratio between 8.0-8.5
-Billet aluminum timing set
-Comp Cams 260H Mild cam with 0.44lift
-Mopar1.7"" Intake / 1.44"" Exhaust Stainless valve set"
-New performance springs
-All painted, no grime or oil.

Machine work-

Sonic test block
hot tank block
Bore cylinders
Deck block square
remove and install cam
bearings and plugs
file fit rings

Head work;

Replace guides
replace exhaust seats
3 ANGLE valve job with
os valves

Areas for improvement?

Head porting work, O-rings, some oiling mods as outlined by DD in the racing manual.

-Garrett GT2554R

Sized small for street application. Spools fast. Creates great power on demand. Watch that charge air temp though on hot days.

-Methanol injection system with hobbs switch currently installed for protection

-Intercooler, piping, Spectre bonnet, water cooled, oil strainer, etc.

-Oil pressure safety circuit. Shuts off fuel pump if oil pressure drops to protect turbo bearings.


Holley 500 modified for blow thru applications by Includes percy adjust-a-jet, and phenolic floats and all that. Lokar linkages.


-HEI upgrade
-Stock Dizzy with mechanical advance locked at 0deg via blocking plate insert. Currently runs flat 14 degrees advance initial timing. Take it where you want to from there.


-NEW Holley Blue Fuel Pump
-Holley Boost referenced fuel pressure regulator


-727 Torqueflite
Fully rebuilt at a reputable transmission shop.

I'm not sure if they performed the servo update or not. But it's a solid transmission.


- Stock Chrysler 9 1/4 with 3.55 gearing


-AEM wideband AFR gauge
-Charge air temp gauge
-Voltage gauge
-Bypass of shunt resistor and amp gauge. Various wiring gauge updates, where wiring was undersized in my opinion, and bulkhead bypass improvements.
-Could use some time behind the soldering iron.
-Gauge cluster does not work. It is tough. I had tried a few junk yard clusters, but fixing this never made the list.
Bluetooth amplifier with some pioneer speaker boxes behind the seat, to play your favorite tunes.

Ready for its new life.

Hit me up on here, and I will give you my email/phone number. We can chat.


20220418_164131.jpg [ 222.32 KiB | Viewed 268 times ]
20220418_164313.jpg [ 195.9 KiB | Viewed 268 times ]
20220418_164144.jpg [ 182.45 KiB | Viewed 268 times ]
20221208_155711.jpg [ 212.41 KiB | Viewed 268 times ]
20220418_164123.jpg [ 198.58 KiB | Viewed 268 times ]

What's this screw for?

'76 D100
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