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Author:  Guido [ Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Thinking about signing up as a member?

This is very important!!

Read the registration page!

It says:

You MUST provide minimal information about your car or registration WILL NOT be activated. We suggest that you PRINT THIS PAGE!!!
Use the Car Info box on the following page. If your account does not get activated due to failure to provide this information, e-mail SL6(at)

No applications will be activated that don't have the information outlined. Some people said that they did not find a place to put their car information! LOOK CAREFULLY! As it says above, there are Car information and Why do you want to join boxes (fields) on the registration page. We don't care if you drive a Buick or a Vespa, just tell us about it, and you're golden! You must tell us why you want to join. You aren't signed up by a computer. A human reads your input and makes a decision. It's OK to be funny, but don't get too cute. We'll pitch your application to the curb if you don't fill in these fields with something intelligible.

You don't have to have a slant six, or even a car for that matter. Just tell us what you want to learn or find. If we don't do something to weed out the "bots", we will be forever and persistently spammed!

Guido & Chuck

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