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A108 Super Six Throttle linkages
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Author:  doodles526 [ Sat Jan 07, 2017 5:17 pm ]
Post subject:  A108 Super Six Throttle linkages

I just picked up my A108 about a week ago. It's got a 225 w/ Carter BBS currently(my first /6, and also first american ride). It lasted the drive home, and died. After further inspection of the carb, it's completely shot. Choke and acc pump linkages and a few other bits are rust locked and/or pitted - beyond the state a rebuild could bring back. Also found it should have come with a Holley H1 from factory, so not sure when this carb found it's way here. Anyways, I'm hunting my way through a super six swap.

Once the snow lets up here I'm heading to a local Mopar junkyard to see if I can find a super six intake. I'm planning on going with a Weber 38 DGES and grabbing the Jeep conversion kit I've seen discussed here.

The one question I haven't seemed to get answered, I have a 3 on the tree so I won't need the kickdown linkage. But I have a rod style throttle linkage I've attached a picture of. Has anyone had success with a rod linkage with the weber 38 super six setup? From pictures I've seen of the setup it looks like I can run a longer rod up to the throttle plate since it's mounted on the side rather than the rear. But wondering if I should throw the $$$ into a cable setup. I would rather not have to drop a couple hundred into a Lokar or the pain of finding a factory cable linkage if I could easily fab up a new connector for the rod.


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