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Super six carburetor linkange
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Author:  jkotis [ Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:45 am ]
Post subject:  Super six carburetor linkange

I need to know the correct location of the Super Six accelerator return spring that connects to the spring bracket (attached to the 2BBL intake manifold) and then to a location on the carburetor linkage. I have seen pictures of Super Six installations that have the return spring attached at a number of other locations on the carburetor linkage. I also have the added problem of the A/C compressor left rear support bracket that attaches in the same location where the Super Six carburetor spring bracket is to be located. I have a 1986 Dodge D150 with factory A/C and the 2BBL carburetor setup. What should I do about the A/C support bracket? The A/C compressor is supported at four locations presently (two at the front and two at the rear.)

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