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First fire
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Author:  CoyoteDan [ Thu May 13, 2021 9:30 pm ]
Post subject:  First fire

I got everything in and set, yay!
I turned the key and it started with only a few cranks but did not want to idle I tried probably 4 times each time better than the last and only once I had to crank it for a few seconds. The last time it idled for short bit maybe 10 seconds and I kept it going by pouring gas in the carb but ended up flooding it I'm sure. I gave up after that, it was getting dark and I assume I should let the gas evaporate. I got oil pressure 40 lbs but the fuel still hasn't quite reached the carb (I did prefill the bowl). I guess my question is how much cranking it too much? When do I worry that I'll burn out a lobe?


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