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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 5:42 pm 
4 BBL ''Hyper-Pak''
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Hello all -

I posted sometime back about not being able to get my rebuilt slant 6 started, I was unble to get anything after finding TDC and placing the distributor at #1 plug on the compression stroke. Based on some great advice from this board -- I got her started.

First, I was able to run it for a time but the engine according to the temp guage ran very hot. I shut it down.

Second, it is not running well -- that is it stumbles with any throttle ans then stalls. I also have had a few coughs out the carb when trying to restart.

I kept it running long enough to adjust the valves (on the second day) so I know they are at least in the ballpark.

My bet is I am still out of time, but what about the overheating? It does not take long when it starts.

After it cools down it will start but once it reaches high heat, it will not restart.

My thought is, re establish TDC and move the distributor a tooth until it runs better. The thermostat seems to be operating as the top hose eventually gets warm...I will still pull this apart to check it.

What else should I consider?

Thanks - GPK1961

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 7:13 pm 

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Get a non contact temperature sensor and verify that the engine temperature gauge is accurate.
Check the temperature at the thermostat housing.
If it is running hot,
Check the easy stuff first:
Fan belt slipping?
Lower radiator hose collapsing?
Low on coolant?
Engine ignition timing close to being correct.
Initial timing 5 to 15 degrees advance with no vacuum advance.
Radiator plugged?

If all of that is ok, drain the coolant from the radiator and pull the thermostat and verify that it is in the correct direction and that it is not stopped up with shavings or other debris.
Check the thermostat on a pan on the stove, monitor the temperature and verify that it is opening fully.
Remove the block coolant drain plug and verify that the coolant that drains out is not contaminated with shavings or other debris.

Freshly rebuilt engines will run warmer, but they should not run hot.

Doo Ron Ron and the Duke of Earl are friends of mine.....

PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2023 7:21 pm 
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Mine ran hot the first time I started it when I got it in my truck, turns out that I had the timing way retarded. As you go along you gotta start dialing things in ....

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