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Slant Six points racing is basically a "run what you brung" bracket class, run on a "dial-in" handicap basis. Events are held on both the ΒΌ mile and 1/8 mile and use a .5 "Sportsman" tree for starting the race. (3 yellows, then green) This is "anything goes" drag racing, as long as the engine is a Mopar Slant 6 in basic design.


- Points are earned by participating in the Slant 6 points races held as part of the events shown on the current schedule posted on in the Event Calendar. We will make every attempt to list all points races for the coming year by February, but additional points races may be added later. Any additional races, with the exception of makeup races, will be added to the published schedule at least two months before the date of the new event. Makeup races may be scheduled with reasonable advance notice, so long as efforts are made to notify potential participants.

- Points are earned by the driver, but all cars participating must be Slant 6 powered. You cannot change cars once the race has started.

- Car restrictions such as minimum weight or type of vehicle do not apply to points racers.
(Record setting and Slant 6 Top Eliminator have their own requirements)

- A driver can earn points in different cars at different events, as long as they are all Slant 6 powered.


- Slant 6 points races will be run in a separate bracket on a dial-in handicap basis.

- There are no restrictions on the use of electronic devices such as delay boxes.

- The race coordinator must ask the track personnel to turn off crosstalk for our race. If the faster car loses due to crosstalk being on due to the track failing to turn crosstalk off, the affected pairings participate in a mandatory re-run. Both racers are allowed to change their dial-ins on the re-run.

- All cars that make at least one run in the designated Slant 6 time trials will be put on the ladder for the first round (even if that car cannot make it to the starting line). Competitors paired with a first round "no show" will make a single run.

- It is not necessary to participate in the Slant 6 time trials or "qualifying" sessions to be in the points race. Some entrants may show up for the first round even though they did not participate in the time trials. These racers must communicate their intent to participate to the SSRN representative and/or at least two other race entrants before the first round pairings are determined. Last minute entrants may be paired with another competitor at the discretion of SSRN or the track.

- Each track/event may require that the Slant 6 points racers pay an additional fee or have other restrictions on the bracket classes/races the Slant 6 racer can participate in at that event.

- The Slant 6 points race may be shifted between Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the event weekend without advance notice.

- If a race is postponed and rescheduled for the next day or another weekend, 5 attendance points will still be awarded if your car is in line to enter the grounds of the race track for the scheduled rained out race, or you put your wheels on the track property on the day of the race. If a race is re-scheduled, a new first round ladder including all participants present at the makeup race will be drawn up.

- In the case where the race is started but cannot be completed due to weather, curfew, etc. points earned for round wins prior to the cancellation will be counted.


- E85 shall be considered alcohol for record setting purposes.

- Nitro-Methane fuel may be used in SSRN competition only when a letter approving its use from Track Manager is in the possession of each racer intending to use it. A copy of the written permission MUST be submitted to Seymour with the time slips and record form to be considered. For the purpose of breaking/setting records it will be considered in the unlimited class


- Points will be awarded as follows:

- Your car is in the pits and is entered in the Slant 6 bracket race, for each race entered: 5 points.

- Attendance points will be capped at 60 points per season. These points include regular scheduled races, rained out races, and rescheduled races. If there are two or more races run on the SAME DAY (such as for a rainout makeup), then the racer only accumulates 5 points for the DAY of racing and not for each individual race on that day.

- For each round win (including "bye or single runs") in the Slant 6 points race: 10 points.

- Total round win points will be counted for up to five Slant 6 points events for each driver. If you participate in more than five points events you will be credited with the points earned at your five best races.

- A competitor may enter as many Slant 6 points races as they choose to race for prize money or to deprive other racers of points, but only their best 5 at the end of the season will be counted.

- 20 bonus points will be awarded to any driver that sets or breaks a SSRN record at any official Slant 6 race. All racers breaking a specific existing record on any given race weekend (even if there are two races on both sides of the country on the same weekend) shall receive the 20 bonus points. This 20 points will only be awarded once per year per driver. Records must be sent to Seymour Pederson for validation prior to bonus points being awarded.

- When attempting to set a record, any ballast weight added to the car must be properly and safely secured with bolts.

- If there are ties for any of the top 10 positions at the end of the season, an average of the rounds won per race entered will be computed and the racer with the highest average will advance. In case of a tie for the number one position only, if both contestants are present at the final race, we will try to run a single round tie breaker (dial-in) race for the number one position.

Pairing and Bye Runs:

- If the track permits and somebody organizes it, the following method of determining first round pairings is preferred. In other cases a "sportsman" ladder, random pairings at the line, or some other method may be instituted.

- The preferred method utilizes a pre-printed ladder sheet with first round match-ups determined on a random basis such as drawing names out of a hat. First round racers will include anybody who made at least one Slant 6 time trial, even if they are not able to make it to the starting line for the first round. The first round may also include other racers who did not make a Slant 6 time trial. If there is a first round bye run it will be determined during the random ladder drawing. Competitors paired with a first round "no show" will make a single run. Subsequent bye runs will be determined by the ladder. Round win points will be awarded for runs actually won or bye or single runs made. (stage-in and back-outs are permitted if allowed by the track)

- When the race is being run without a ladder and there are only two cars left; that will be the final. If there is a ladder and there are two bye or single run cars at the starting line, the two racers and the track's starter may agree to forgo the single runs and run one final race for the final. (no stage and back-outs required) In this case the racers would be awarded 10 points for the bye / single runs they did not make and the winner would get 10 more points for the win.

- If a pair of competitors cannot agree on lane choice, it will be decided with the flip of a coin.

Top Eliminator or Fast Four Races:

- A special feature at some of the larger SSRN points events is a Slant 6 Top Eliminator. This race will usually be run after the Slant 6 Points race is completed and it may be scheduled the next day.

- The Slant 6 Top Eliminator race will match the two (four) quickest cars from the Slant 6 qualifying sessions in a single race to determine who has the quickest Slant 6 on that day. If one or both of the top qualifiers cannot make it to the starting line for the race, the third qualifier can run and so on.

- The Top Eliminator race will be run "heads-up" with no dial-in times or handicaps. If possible the race will be started on a .400 "Pro tree". (one yellow, then green)

- Slant 6 Top Eliminator is open to all "doorslammer" Slant 6 powered vehicles. There is no minimum weight and nitrous and/or superchargers are allowed.

Rookie of the Year:

SSRN will honor each racing season's "Rookie of the Year" with a special plaque.

This award shall go to the Slant 6 points racer that scores the highest number of points during that season and who has not participated in more than one race weekend previous to this season. Attendance points given at a rained out event shall not prevent a person from being eligible for Rookie of the Year in a future year.


The race coordinator for each event shall keep track of all entrants, car numbers, round wins, and how the elimination rounds progressed. Please ask the tower personnel to save a copy of the printouts for the Slant 6 races. Please send the points information as soon as possible to whoever is taking care of the points at the time. Currently that is Rob Simmons (2018), and he will post the official points on the website.

"You mean you still have a Slant 6 in that thing?"

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