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PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 6:13 am 
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At this time records are maintained for doorslammer type cars in classes A,B,C, and D. For class AA, cars under 2000#, any type chassis is allowed. The records for ET and speed in each class can be held by different cars.
Records are maintained for 20 classes on both the quarter and eighth mile. Cars are classified by weight: AA for under 2000#, A for 2,000-2349#, #, B for 2,350-2,699# C for 2,700-3199#, D for 3200# & up. Then they are classified by type of fuel and degree of modification.
Fuel -G is for gasoline, this means gas that would pass an NHRA fuel check. A is for alcohol with no power enhancers. E85 shall be considered alcohol for record setting purposes. N is for nitrous oxide which may be used with either gas or alcohol. U is for unlimited as to fuel and modifications, all supercharged cars go into this class but nitrous is also allowed. Nitromethane fuel may be used in SSRN competition only when a letter approving it's use from Track Manager is in the possession of each racer intending to use it. A copy of the written permission MUST be submitted to Seymour with the time slips and record form to be considered. For the purpose of breaking/setting records it will be considered in the unlimited class

Of course all entries must be powered by a Mopar Slant 6 engine. For purposes of these records, this means that the engine must be based on a Slant 6 block. The head may be modified in any way, replaced by one from another engine, or may be entirely fabricated. The above classes are based on the high deck 225 block, if a low deck 170 type block is used, the car will be moved to the next heavier class. That is a car weighing from 2,350 to 2,699# powered by a 170 type block would be classified in the “C” class.

All cars must weigh at least the minimum for their class but they cannot weigh more than the maximum, that is a 2,800# car cannot claim a class B record even if it is faster than the existing record.

Records can only be set at events that feature a Slant Six Racing News points race. Any run during these events, including tune ups, time trials, or race rounds in the Slant 6 or other bracket races will qualify. If it is three day event with the Slant 6 race on Saturday, records can be set on Friday or Sunday also. It is necessary to back up any record performance with a second run within 1% at the same event. If you think you have qualified for a record, contact SSRN and we will send you a form to complete. On the form you will attest to your car's weight and fuel usage. You must also send in the timing slips for your record and back up runs or copies of the same.

Eighth mile records can only be set at eighth mile Slant 6 events such as Wilkesboro or Farmington. Eighth mile splits on quarter mile time slips don’t count. At races like Clay City or Bristol where the Slant 6 race is run on the quarter mile but some other brackets are run on the eighth, we will accept quarter mile records only.

At one time we were going to adjust times with altitude correction factors at tracks over 1,500 feet but this is no longer the case. If you want to set a record, go somewhere where your car will go fast.

The records program is strictly voluntary, and any racer has the right to not submit a run for record status if he or she doesn’t wish to, for any reason. These records are maintained on the honor system and will be meaningless if all record holders don‘t adhere to the rules. Know how much your car weighs and what is in the fuel tank. The setting and resetting of records is a process that can generate a certain amount of excitement and a feeling of accomplishment.
Don't cheapen them.

Link to the Records History with all current and past records: ... YXWgQY3eMI


Driver’s Name and Address:

Car Owner’s Name and Address:

Make, Model, and Year of Vehicle:

Event where runs were made, must include a scheduled Slant Six Points Race:

Date or dates:

Quarter or eighth mile:

Actual Weight including driver:

AA Under 2,000# any type chassis
A 2,000-2,349# door cars only
B 2,350-2,699# door cars only
C 2,700-3,199# door cars only
D 3,200# and up door cars only

Type of Block:

Tall 198-225 style
Short 170 style

Fuel Used:
Gasoline only (must be NHRA legal) normally aspirated
Alcohol only normally aspired
Nitrous with gasoline or alcohol normally aspirated
Unlimited including Supercharged or Turbocharged, can also use nitrous or nitromethane

Attach copies of the time slips for the record setting run and a back up run within 1% & a copy of the permission letter from the track if you are using nitromethane.

I hereby certify that the vehicle described above was awarded these time slips at the event indicated. If my car didn’t weigh this much, or used a different type of fuel, I will go back to racing a Ford Falcon with a 144 cubic inch engine.

To be signed and dated by Driver and Car Owner:

Send to:
Seymour Pederson
2513 Princeton Ct.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416


Drag Racing
Points Keeper


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