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Leaking Torque Converter?
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Author:  Not2slow [ Thu Apr 08, 2021 1:45 pm ]
Post subject:  Leaking Torque Converter?

This is a 9" racing torque converter from a well-known and common torque converter company, supposedly build for a racing slant six and 904 trans. It has been leaking for years. A catch pan was fabricated to catch the leaking trans fluid because of years of not being able to determine the source of the leak. So many rebuilds, so many front pump seals, different trans housing, pumps, front drums, more pumps, porting of the return passage, you name it, we have done it trying to stop this leak.

We guessed the converter was being pushed into the seal, so we started down that path of thinking. That lead to placing the torque converter onto the flex plate with the engine out of the car. The converter did not slide up to the flex plate. We tried a bone stock converter, and it slid into the crankshaft counterbore until the ears contacted the flex plate. Something was up!

This led to placing the torque converter on the fabrication table next to two other converters (stock Chrysler and a racing Hughes) to start measuring the pilot. While setting there, fluid oozed out a microscopic hole in the pilot weld. At first, I thought it was residual fluid from all the messing around, so I wiped it off good. A few minutes later, this!

So this high dollar racing torque converter has two issues. One, it leaks, two, the pilot is so wrong for a slant six crank. The pilot weld contacts the end of the crank before the bolt lugs come in contact with the flex plate. About a 1/8 gap between the flex plate and the bolt bosses.

Question: Would this be the correct pilot set-up for a V8? I'm guessing not since the V8 takes the same flex plate.

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