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2018 Run for the Championship!!!!
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Author:  Dart270 [ Sat Oct 27, 2018 4:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Run for the Championship!!!!

Yeah, huge congrats to Ryan on being the Big Champ for 2018! I wished him well on the phone last night too.

Congrats to all the racers this year too, for their enthusiastic driving, building, and congregating.

Warmest wishes,


Author:  Rob Simmons [ Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:45 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Run for the Championship!!!!

Big Congrats to Ryan!! His first season back and not only did he make the Valiant faster and re-set several records.... He proved that he can cut a light and run the number too!! Well earned Championship, Ryan!!

I will post a season re-cap shortly.

Author:  Rob Simmons [ Mon Oct 29, 2018 6:51 am ]
Post subject:  2018 Final

Congratulations to Ryan Covalt as our 2018 National Champion!! This was Ryan’s first year back with his baby blue ’62 Valiant and what a year it was! Ryan started re-setting each of the car’s A/Gas records right out of the box. I lost count of how many times he re-set his own records this year. There are some he hasn’t even submitted to Seymour yet. Ryan was deadly on the tree as well and kept running his number, ending the season with an impressive 0.5000 Performance Index. The car earned the name “Hoppy” for its unique starting line dance where it bounced for the first 60 feet each time. Ryan had made several changes throughout the season trying to get it sorted out. He had made some significant changes to the rear suspension and was ready to try them out at Knoxville.

The final race of the season at Knoxville, TN was rained out, so we didn’t have that dramatic finish we were all hoping for. A handful of people stopped by the track to get their attendance points.

Steve Adams made the long tow up from Florida hoping to finish the last three rounds of the aborted Racer’s Reunion Race from Clay City. Steve headed back early Saturday morning.

We also had another Return Racer come to hang out and bench race. Joe Nelson drove his 65 Valiant 4 door with a 170 from Tompkinsville, KY. Joe hasn’t raced with us since 2008, so it was nice to see him driving that beautiful car again. He has it up for sale, but said he wanted to get a timeslip with it before it goes. He also posted that the car got 28 MPG on the drive home! You can PM Joe (sixinthehead) for more details about the car.

“The Jacks Everhardt” we there ready to make that final push for the Championship. They had both added nitrous to their vehicles aiming to set records for the 20 bonus points. It wasn’t to be, so they stopped by the track and took some selfies instead. They ended the season 3rd and 4th with Jack III edging out his Dad by 20 points.

Rick Covalt came down for that final push and to watch his son, Ryan, win the Championship. He went by the track Friday and Saturday to earn his attendance points. That tied him in points with Jack Everhardt Jr. with 160, but Jack just edged him out with a slightly better Performance Index (Jack’s 0.2941 to Rick’s 0.2895).

The Poser from Kentucky showed up as well, ready to squirt some Go Go Juice in hopes of a record and a couple round wins. He had his Crew Chief Big Mike with him this time, so it was gonna be an easy sweep if the race had happened. He wound up 2nd with 200 points. The Rookie of the Year Runner Up was also with him. Angie Simmons had tried her hand at Slant 6 drag racing at Mason-Dixon, borrowing Rick Covalt’s race truck. She is coming down with a case of Slant Sickness, so watch for her to make a hard push next year.

Speaking of Rookie of the Year, David Shank borrowed that same race truck at Mason-Dixon for day two of racing and won two rounds to earn the title. Congratulations David! We had a total of nine Rookies join us in 2018. Thanks Rick Covalt for being a gracious host and allowing others to come out and “Run with the Slants!”

It was a great year of Slant 6 Drag Racing with some new faces along with several racers returning to the sport after being gone a long time. We also had our biggest event ever at the 20 year Racer’s Reunion at Clay City, KY with 37 racers and two Slant 6 tow vehicles. That’s 39 Slant 6 vehicles all pushing hard and having fun! We had a total of 59 racers for 2018.


Author:  ryandcovalt [ Tue Oct 30, 2018 10:11 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Run for the Championship!!!!

Thanks everyone! And a big thanks Rob for the racing coverage/reporting and points keeping. You do an awesome job with all that and You always make it so much fun!

It really was an unbelievable year. I really appreciate all of your help with answering questions and coming up with ideas for the race car this year. I know I talked to almost all of the racers about what to do to make things work better and quite a few of you helped wrench on the car too.

I am especially grateful to Seymour and his extreme generosity with the car. I'm reminded of his dedication and love for slant 6 racing every time I sit down in the drivers seat. I especially love to tell the story of how he gifted an 11 second race car and trailer to me.

I really had a rough couple of years getting things back together and I felt like I might not be capable of doing what Seymour had hoped with the car. It was such a relief to make it down the track the first time at Motor mile this year. I was very nervous....(and hopeful) that it would run ok. It was almost a nightmare the 2nd pass when it shot right toward the wall. After that though, we started to break records and run more consistently, even though it was "hoppy". I was so happy to be able to call Seymour and report that the car he built was finally back on the track and starting to set records.

None of my racing season would've been possible this year, if it hadn't been for my Dad and his constant help with the car, I doubt i would've even had it back together this year. He helped me with the engine swap, install, tuning, brakes, rear end setup, shocks, springs and almost every change we made to the car this year. He spent time working with me but even spent time by himself working on the car to make sure I got it back together in time for this years racing. I really like Slant 6 racing but I love Slant 6 racing (and working on the car) with my Dad.

So, a very special thanks to every one of you who have helped me over the years. I am grateful for my Slanted family and enjoy seeing you all at each race. I'm looking forward to next season already, and hope to see a bunch of you spraying nitrous and breaking all sorts of records.

I wish we could've had the last race at Knoxville this year, but like Rob said, it would've been an easy sweep for him if it hadn't rained. :D So lucky for me I got rained out into a championship.

So next year the plan is to try and do away with the "Hoppy" name and get the car to hook/launch. I can't wait to see what next year brings for us all.

Author:  Greg Ondayko [ Wed May 08, 2019 9:34 am ]
Post subject:  Re: 2018 Run for the Championship!!!!

awesome - can mod un sticky this topic.

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