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 Post subject: electrical nightmare
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:20 pm 
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Greetings All!!! I have a lil ol' problem that hopefully can be assisted with. Here goes:
On Friday, Jan 2nd my lower radiator hose burst midway up a pretty steep incline on hwy 13 in the bay area. (if u ever have to go to autozone to replace this hose, have them transpose the last 2 numbers of the part no. - the one they have is too short) I let the car cool some then tried getting it started in order to get off the hwy, and it really started hard.
got it off changed the hose, made it to my destination and here is where things get crazy. the next morning, the sandy wouldn't turn over. we added gas, then got a jump and she started ran for a minute then cut off. the starter had died in the process. i had sandy towed home, driver didn't bring the bed i requested so she bounced most of the way, and changed the starter the next day and still no fire. she finally started with a jump and drove around a bit at which time i realized i had no head lights. at that point it was discovered that the S-Z section of the bulkhead connecter was hanging, we plugged it in and she had lights but since then i've had a serious battery drain problem on a new (little more than 1 year old) diehard battery. as i had valve(2 burnt) and carb issues causing other starting and running issues, it was hard to pinpoint the drain at the time, it seemed so insignificant with engine trouble. I have
a. had carb rebuilt
b. did (yes i a girl did it) a valve job
c. replaced the fuel pump, positive and negative battery cables
e. prior to all this stuff, replaced the alternator, voltage regulator, relay switch, coil, had battery checked and rechecked, and determined to be fine.
f. removed my stereo system(it loses power when i hit brakes or turn on blinkers, etc) since i could hear the power on with no key and no face.
g. unhooked and reconnected the lighter wire
my car will only start with the battery at full charge and will drain quickly even if only sitting at idle to warm. when engine is completely cold it seems to start quicker - go figure! i've since begun testing connections wires and fuses. At the S-V section, the Z spot has wires protruding which appear to be burnt and frayed, but i find no wire hanging around looking as though it's lost. I have an ampmeter?? (is that what it's called) positioned directly below the original radio (i installed my stereo in the glove compartment) which has a black, i assume positive wire, attached to the red ignition wire as it leaves the ignition switch. and a brown wire, i assume ground, attached to a black wire which goes directly thru the firewall and connects to the relay switch via the red wire. according to my manuals the Z connection correlates to the lighting. should there be a wire attached within the engine to the S section? when i tested the various wires, i removed the black ampmeter wire from the ignition wire and lost ALL POWER, INCL THE DOME LIGHT! I apologize for the length but i'm trying to be somewhat concise :)! ALL assitance is appreciated. thanks, katt...[/img]


'67 Dart "Sandy"

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