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United automotive electrical parts?
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Author:  volaredon [ Sun Feb 20, 2022 5:35 pm ]
Post subject:  United automotive electrical parts?

looking on Rock auto at caps rotors and such (at the moment, this particular parts search not for a /6, but have seen their parts cataloged for many brands)
They have a relatively new (to me) brand in their "Premium" section of lookup. "United Automotive" Auto parts. Their numbering system seems to follow Standard brand. and the parts in question at the moment (cap and rotor for 360 Magnum) look by the pix to be the same as the Standard premium (blue) line. I ordered a set among other parts. They're blue, have brass terminals, like the Standard blue line/but looking at them and holding them in my hand they just look and feel "cheap". there is a different texture to the plastic, to begin with.
There is no "Made in.........." anywhere on the box or the cap, that I can see. scary, these days.
Being as how I have had problems with the last handful of Napa Echlin distributor caps I have bought, I didn't want to go back to those. Another company and product line that used to be among the best. HAHA not anymore.
The cap and rotor, ain't the easiest to get at on a Magnum engine in a 97-04 Dakota or 98-03 Durango. A pain in the azz to replace the 1st time, a very aggravating and just as much of a hassle to get to (more maddening) when I have to go back in and replace the same distributor cap in less than 5k miles because the plastic around 1/2 the terminals, is arced out.
looks like (if it were steel that is) a steel plate hit with a carbon arc torch..... most recent was my 99 dakota 3.9.
my wife's durango is just "time" due to miles, but dont wanna have to go back in in 4500 miles and do it again, like I had to on my Dakota. I usually replace caps n rotors around 30-40k, whether they need it or not.

any comment on this company's parts?

Author:  Greg Ondayko [ Mon Feb 21, 2022 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: United automotive electrical parts?

I bought United Motor Products Caps and Rotors a while back for one of the slants -

I am assuming that's the brand you are referencing, as I cannot find a United Automotive listing for the Dist. Caps ans rotors.

I cannot say that I had any trouble with them, but I also am not daily driving that car any longer either.


Author:  volaredon [ Mon Feb 21, 2022 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: United automotive electrical parts?

That's the name on the boxes they came in.
For my/6 I did buy a stack of the old school Standard blue streak caps via eBay. I forget the number but they're the good ones from back in the day with the "X' 403x maybe?
These ones I bought for my other Dakota and my wife's Durango look like a poorly done copy cat of those old stock ones. We will see.... If not I know not to buy em again.

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