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What would it take to get this WH1C to spool up faster?
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Author:  Ssg Pohlman [ Wed Nov 18, 2020 2:40 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What would it take to get this WH1C to spool up faster?

Funny you mention a microsquirt as ive been following builds w that on the 4200 inline 6’s and wondered about throwing one on the boys slant so he cant screw up w a carb.

Im not sure if its bc i was only running half the carb or not but when it was pulled from the truck it had been running 10# all day, which was on a stock rebuilt motor w oversized pistons. So id venture to say with proper fuel, 10# will run all day long. Now as far as keeping it that low on boost it may very well need an external. Yeah i was surprised too that they didnt have a hole drilled in the divider from the get go. Ill make sure to hunt down the microsquirt write up as i do have an electronic FI Tech carb up on the shelf now. Might be a good candidate for a swap onto it.

Always did want to see what 15# felt like. 10 alone was quite fun.

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