Bristol 2002 Picture Gallery

Bristol 2002
Slant Six Racing News
Points Series Race #3
Photos By Tom Drake
Harrison vs Hamby
15 Cars with 2 new racers
Charlie Schmid - long dist.
Rodney Hargis-Runner-up

June 7, 8 & 9th - 2002
Weather was great, mid 80s
Warm, bright & sunny
No Rain ! ! !
Charles Myers-Fast Qualify
Ron Parker ran good but . .
not good enough to place.
Dale Rose, Lookin' Good!

Ron Hamby, points leader
Leighton Drake's Simca
This is a Show Quality Car
The racing action was tops
No "hat trick" for Ron today
A Turbo - Injected Slant Six
Ran 11.30's "out of the box"
A good car show and swap

Oscar Derrick - Winner
Slant Six Racing Results
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He's new & runs the number
Gary Bruner made the race
Barry pulled some wheelies!
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