Bristol 2003

Bristol 2003 
Barry Harrison was running  
Two SL6 Arrows line up 
The A-Bodies run well too 

Rain Saturday, Race Sunday 
 The rear wing is new
 These things are pretty quick
Good looking hood scoops! 

Dale Rose's Arrow 
Dale Rose suits up to run 
Dale & Charles 
Ron Hambey vs 

Charlie Schmid's 66 Cuda 
Barry Harrison's "Six Pak" 

Lou & his 64 Dart  
Fast Four Winner 
Charlie in the staging lanes 
Is this ticket real??? 

Low oil pressure, bad gauge 
He changed an intake to run! 
Seymour  goes for a pass

Ron Parker gets the jump 
Rob goes up to the line 
Thanks to Rob Simmons 
Fast Four Ladder 

Watch out for those trucks! 
SSRN  Points Standings
He thrashed & got to Bristol 
The Field of SL6 Racers