Clay City 2002 Picture Gallery

Another Great SSRN Race.
All the nice cars were there.
Will Burns was running 10's.
We had six 10 second cars.
The weather was hot / humid.
The Drake car broke a??
25 cars were entered to race.
One stripped oil pump gear.

Mike Jeffrey was there and
Great looking / running car,
We have Lots of photos.
The Slants put on a race!
was runner-up in Fast 4.
12.50s on the motor, NOS!
Thanks to everyone for that.
Lots of action in all brackets.

The Cox Team ran well all
Tom Drake shot great action.
Who can get us some sound?
Hard to describe the sound of
weekend, Fast qual. at 10.43
Check out wheelie bar / tire.
You have to 'hear' these cars.
this race, must be the 5 spd.

Granddad Meril Bruner went
New racers like Mike Elam
The Doc flew in from Calif.
Brent Laney brought the
many rounds in No Box class.
made it out to the race.
to keep the Arrows in line!
airshift 5 speed Goodman car.

Dale Rose won the SL6 race
Elam and Dart270 are cool!
Quick action car, works fast.
10.80, no NOS, all steel car.
with his new Arrow,=Happy!
Slant Racers are fun people!
I need some faster film!
The Goodman car is Tops.

dschumers and his li'l piggy
Possum Parker got the best
Dennis was using too much
There were other cars seeing
went to grudge race and
of him, 2 out of 3 for the win.
red: red tee shirt, car & lights.
red, track was a bit slick too.

Good to see all of our racing
Barry Harrison car was seen
Checkers Anyone?
Another great match-up,
friends at one event.
pulling the front wheels up!
Mountain Motorplex fix-up
the weekend was full of this.

M. Jeffrey & Oscar Derrick
Oscar's car is nice but it was
Lou was also fighting to keep
Ron Parker had a great time

This match-up was run twice
not his weekend. (gremlins)
running, had to change parts
running anyone he could.

Dale Rose was overjoyed
Rodney Hargus went many
Many nice cars to see here,
Charles Myers won Fast4 but

that it was "his weekend"
rounds in many classes, no $
the car quality / times are up
sideways and much work

Charlie Schmid was spraying
Charlie ran his best time ever
A few staging lane shots,
We still have some other

his 170 SL6 in a big way
and kept the car together.
If you were not there . . .
SSRN races coming up

You have to make the effort,

Each event sights and sounds

the lever of SL6 is wild and

are best when you are there!