Clay City - 2003

Clay City, Kentucky 2003 
17 Slant Six Cars attended
The weather as good, no rain
 Lots of bench racing to do

Dale Rose has his day !
Howard & Jason Davis too
Lou Matsen brought his 64  
Gary Bruner  made it out

Cox Bros. Dart was fast car
The car shut-off next pass
Lots of work to try a fix,
Meril Bruner goes rounds

10.09 qualifing pass
Broken timing chain problem 
Bent valves ended weekend 
He held-up the red car image

The Davis Team was racing
Hillside Six is running strong
Charlie Schmid made the trip
Ron (Possum) Parker, 

The car is back together 
They went rounds in "Box"
He had a new engine going 
His new engine runs 12's !

The track ran the event
Saturday racing went till dark
Ron is pretty hot this year but
Ron Hamby cuts .537 light,

Car count was down a little. 
Dale & Ron is bracket final.
Dale's car is a littly faster.
Dale goes red by -.008

The Fast 4 final on Sunday
Seymour made the trip 
Thanks to Lou for photos

A 'replay' of the bracket final 
SSRN  Points Standings
Tom Drake sent some too 
The Field of SL6 Racers 

Norm makes the call for the next roundNorman Foster get's this year's "Thrash at the Track" award.
He broke a transmission tailhousing during his first round winning pass.
Norm fixed the tranny between rounds, "in the dirt" and made the call for round two.
The car broke the driveshaft on the next pass to end his weekend!