Las Vegas 2003 SL6 Season Opener

7 Slant Sixers raced the Strip
JP Productions went all-out
Here are the SL6 racers
Lots of others stopped by
Las Vegas Speedway is neat
With lots of event promotion
First SL6 race for 5 of the 7
Everyone signed the poster

Dave Mueller from Wash. St.
His car has a 3 - 2bbl intake
Mike Jeffrey & Blaine came,
Mike and Dave make a pass.
65 Valiant Wagon ran 11.90s
and runs a Lenco 5 speed.
but fought many problems.
I got a good view of this race

SL6 desert burn-outs, Hot!
Romeo Furio - Bolder City
George Harris (Gunpilot)
George worked and raced ...

I was up next, so who won?

Local racer wins the Sl6 race
Came with his family & tools.
He made the car go faster.

Steve Magnante from HRM,
There were more surprizes...
Dutra's Cuda weighs 2635...
Here is the first round line-up
He had a surprise for me.
A man for OZ showed us a?
that is good for a class record
Romeo somehow got the bye

Weather, clear and sunny,
Rick Valent from Tucson,
Romeo and Steve Magnante
Romeo wins the race & $250
mid 70 to mid 80s, nice !!
the 4-speed was a challenge.
pair-up for the final round.
Steve came away wiith $150