Slant Six points racing is basically a “run what you brung” bracket class, run on a “dial-in” handicap basis.

Events are held on both the ¼ mile and 1/8 mile and use a .5 “Sportsman” tree for starting the race (3 yellows, then green).

This is “anything goes” drag racing, as long as the engine is a Mopar Slant Six in basic design.







Points will be awarded as follows:



Pairing and Bye Runs


If the track permits and somebody organizes it, the following method of determining first round pairings is preferred. In other cases a "sportsman" ladder, random pairings at the line, or some other method may be instituted.

The preferred method utilizes a pre-printed ladder sheet with first round match-ups determined on a random basis such as drawing names out of a hat. First round racers will include anybody who made at least one Slant 6 time trial even if they are not able to make it to the starting line for the first round. The first round may also include other racers who did not make a SL6 time trial. If there is a first round bye run it will be awarded to the low qualifier unless racers agree on another method. Competitors paired with a first round "no show" will make a single run. Subsequent bye runs will be determined by the ladder. Round win points will be awarded for runs actually won or bye or single runs made. (Stage-in and back-outs are permitted if allowed by the track).

When the race is being run without a ladder and there are only two cars left, that will be the final. If there is a ladder and there are two bye or single run cars at the starting line, the two racers and the track's starter may agree to forgo the single runs and run one final race for the final (no stage and back-outs required). In this case the racers would be awarded 10 points for the bye / single runs they did not make and the winner would get 10 more points for the win.

If a pair of competitors cannot agree on lane choice, it will be decided with the flip of a coin.


Top Eliminator or Fast Four Races


A special feature at some of the larger SSRN points events is a Slant 6 Top Eliminator. This race will usually be run after the Slant 6 Points race is completed and it may be scheduled the next day.



Rookie of the Year


SSRN will honor each racing season’s “Rookie of the Year” with a special plaque.

This award will go to the Slant 6 points racer who scores the highest number of points during that season and has entered no more than one SSRN Points race previous to that season.




SSRN will make every effort to have a representative at all the scheduled points events in order to keep track of entrants and round wins.  If we cannot be there, it is up to the racers to keep to keep track of the entrants at the event and how the elimination rounds progressed.  Please ask the tower personnel to save a copy of the print outs of the Slant 6 bracket race rounds and make a list of the names of racers at the event and their car numbers.  Send this information along with any photos you may have to SSRN so that we can include the results in the newsletter and on the web site.