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4 Speeds by Doug Ahern, Dave Clement, Rob Armstrong & Doug Dutra (4/7/03)
Aluminum Slant Six Engine Overview by Doug Dutra (6/16/01)
Bracket Racing by Doug Dutra (2/11/01)
Carter AFB Selection and Tuning Guidelines (4/18/20)
Carter BBS Service Manual, 1983 (4/18/20)
Carter Carb Manuals 66-74 (4/18/20)
Carter Carb Manuals 67-78 (4/18/20)
Carter Carb Manuals 71-76 (4/18/20)
Carter Single Barrel Carbs, 1963 (4/18/20)
Choke Adjustment Procedure by Doug Dutra (1/7/02)
Clutch Overview by Doug Dutra (1/7/02)
Distributor Rebuild by Zach "Halfafish" Thomas and Rob "Dusteridiot" Armstrong (11/20/17)

Dutra Dual Exhaust Rear Manifold Modification Procedure by Doug Dutra (3/25/01)
Early A-body Instrument Gauge Problems by Chuck Rivers (10/27/01)
Electronic Fuel Injection for the Slant Six by Bob DiBiase (4/3/02)
Electronic Ignition Wiring Diagrams
Fuel Injection for Street Rods by Bryan Long (3/20/01)
How to Build High Performance Chrysler Engines by Frank Adkins (10/26/01)
Hyper-Pak Linkage Installation by Doug Dutra (6/28/01)
Instrument Cluster Regulator Locations by Chuck, Doug & others (4/30/03)
In-Car Cam Swap by Doug Dutra (6/27/02)
Interval Wiper Mod by Phil Nielsen (7/29/06)
Lean Burn Conversion
by By Paul Moran ( 6/14/06)
Main Seal Installation and Oil Pan Sealing by Doug Dutra (4/17/02)
Manifold Installation by Dan Stern & Doug Dutra (12/14/02)
Modern Engine Oils in Older Engines by Dan Stern (5/6/07)
Oil Pump Gear Failure Report
by Doug Dutra (6/9/02)
SL6 EFI Manifold & Fuel Rail Construction by Doug Dutra (4/1/01)
Slant Sickness - Hot Rod Magazine Article (10/26/01)
Slant Six Blocks by Doug Dutra (6/16/01)
Slant Six Carb Article by Josh Skinner (2/24/08)
Slant Six Exhaust Manifold Installation by Dan Stern (12/9/02)
Slant Six Head and the Revised Combustion Chamber by Doug Dutra (7/28/01)
Slant Six Parts List by Chuck Rivers (11/27/17)
Slant Six Racing Manual (On-line HTML, 1/7/02)
Slant Six Racing Manual (PDF, 1/7/02) (To download, right-click and choose "Save Target As")
Slant Six Stud & Connecting Rod Bolts by Doug Dutra (5/11/02)
Stroking the Slant 6 Engine by Doug Dutra (3/25/01)
Super Six by Reed Speir (4/7/03)
Table listing Heads, Crank & Block variations by Al Toews & Doug Dutra (5/24/02)
Turbo your Slant Six by Wayne (3/25/01)
Vintage Air in a '64 Valiant by Gary Sand (11/8/02)

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